Thursday, July 29, 2010

OpenVAS Manager 1.0 released

Substantial Technology Adance: Vulnerability Management with OpenVAS Manager 1.0

OpenVAS Manager 1.0 represents almost 2 years of intensive work. The mission of
OpenVAS Manager is to offer powerful and comfortable vulnerability management on
top of the actual vulnerability scanner, OpenVAS Scanner 3.1.

The OpenVAS Manager is a layer between the OpenVAS Scanner and various client
applications. The upcoming clients cover web, desktop and command line
technology and will replace the classic OpenVAS Client.

Central features of OpenVAS Manager are:

* New XML-based protocol OMP (OpenVAS Management Protocol) which client tools
use to control scans, results, etc.

* SQL database where configurations, scan results etc. are stored. Thus, clients
do not need to keep local storage anymore.

* Full control of scan processes. This includes multiple concurrent scans as
well as stopping, pausing, resuming and not at least the scheduling of scans.

* Management of scan notes, false positives and result escalators (notification
on finished scans).

OpenVAS Manager is Free Software (Open Source), licensed under GNU General
Public License Version 2 or any later version.

The first compatible client application to be released will be the web client
GSA (Greenbone Security Assistant), approximately next week.
Beta- and alpha versions of various clients are already available for download.

The OpenVAS development team offers support for any efforts to create binary
packages for the various Linux distributions in order have this new server
readily available for users as soon as possible. Please use our openvas-distro
mailing list for this purpose.

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