Sunday, May 23, 2010

Building latest (stable) OpenVAS

In case you're tired of building latest versions of OpenVAS when each new (stable) release comes out, there is nice script on OpenVAS trunk which can help you in building OpenVAS (once you satisfy dependencies).

It is located in trunk/tools directory on Subversion, but if you don't like to use Subversion just to grab this script, you can look up script on the web or download latest version of directly.

How to proceed with the build? Very simple! Just say something like this:
SUDOCMD="sudo" sh
Script will automatically download latest version, build it and install it to /opt/openvas-current-date (for example: /opt/openvas-2010-05-23).

There is also other options which you can pass as environment variable to the script, but you can look it up in the script source (there is some examples in the comment section). For the sake of completeness, here are few examples:
SUDOCMD="sudo" sh
OVNOCLI="yes" sh
OPENVASPATH="/opt/openvas-3" sh
OVSKIPRM="yes" sh

Have a pleasant scanning with the OpenVAS! :)

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